Boat and RV Storage Units

Storing your expensive toys between adventures

Storing Your Boat or RV at a Storage Facility

Free up space in the driveway or garage with affordable vehicle storage options

There’s a better way to store your recreational vehicles than sticking them in the driveway at home. Instead, find a secure storage facility that is well-located and accessible. 

Storage facilities tend to have better security features than your driveway, for starters. It also means you don’t have to worry about never having enough space at home! 

Choose a Blue Sky Self Storage facility near you today to see what boat and RV parking options we have available.

Where Should You Store an RV?

There are a few strategies you can use when storing your RV:

Store Near Home

One option is to find a self storage facility located near your home. This makes sure your RV is easily accessible between your trips.

Store Near Your Destinations

If you frequently take your RV to the same destinations—or at least to places in the same general region—you can instead store it in that area! By doing this, you cut down on the cost of driving it from home to your destination.

Store Somewhere Central

If you often travel away from your home area but not always to the same places, you could also store somewhere centrally located along a highway. This way, it’s easy to reach your RV and hit the road on your adventure—no matter where you’re headed.

Types of Boat & RV Storage

Here are some common storage types for these vehicles:

  • Open lot parking: Uncovered in a paved or unpaved lot
  • Canopy-covered: Open on the sides with a canopy overhead
  • Three-quarters enclosed: Covered on the top and three sides, open on the front
  • Fully enclosed: Completely enclosed with a door for access

Rent Boat & RV Storage

Blue Sky Self Storage offers a wide range of parking options throughout the United States. 

We’re happy to help you find the perfect place to store your boat, camper, or RV. 

Whether you’re running a fifth-wheel camper or a large Class A RV, we have the space you need. Rent online today!

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