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What is Climate Control?

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Climate control refers to maintaining regulated temperatures and often humidity levels inside of a self storage unit. 

Because some items are adversely impacted by fluctuating or extreme temperatures, climate-controlled storage units help protect them from potential damage. 

If you plan on storing delicate items—or if you intend to store for many months at a time—you should consider a climate-controlled storage unit. 

You can find a climate-controlled storage unit at many of our Blue Sky Self Storage locations nationwide!

Items That Benefit From Climate Control

There are many items that benefit from a climate-controlled storage unit, but here are some of the main ones you might be storing.


Clothing, bedding, and other fabrics don’t fare well in humid conditions. If you will be storing your clothing and want it to stay in as good a condition as possible, a climate-controlled environment is recommended.


Many types of furniture benefit strongly from climate-controlled storage units. If you’re storing furniture, it’s almost always recommended to use climate control. However, some types of furniture make it even more important, including wooden furniture, leather furniture, and upholstered furniture.


Humidity and extreme temperatures will reduce the lifespan of your electronics at best, and at worst they may not work at all when finally removed from a non-climate-controlled storage environment. If you plan to store your electronics for any significant length of time, choose a climate-controlled storage unit.

Musical Instruments

Instruments are usually expensive, so you should always lean toward caution with these items. Most instruments would benefit from climate-controlled storage over standard storage units. This is especially true for wooden instruments, string instruments, and even brass instruments.

Documents & Art

It’s common to store boxes of documents or old art in a storage unit. Unfortunately, extreme hot and cold—and especially high levels of humidity—can destroy these often precious or important items if left unchecked. Climate-controlled storage units offer them the protection they need to survive storage.


The last thing you want is for your collectibles to come out of storage warped or otherwise damaged. Whether you’re storing figures, statues, art, cups, dolls, VHS tapes, DVDs, or any other collectible items, climate-controlled storage units are advised. Humidity will damage most types of collectibles, and many others will fare even worse due to the heat warping them.

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With Blue Sky Self Storage, you can easily find a secure climate-controlled self storage unit online at your convenience. 

We have many locations across the country, and you can find the facility nearest to you right here on our website. 

If you’re storing delicate items or intend to store for an extended period of time, find one of our climate-controlled self storage units to ensure your belongings are safe!

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